Listening to Jada’s mixtape shows her ability to get minds in the mood for dancing. We talked with her about the current state of the youth and LGBTQ+ culture in Hamburg, the rise of voguing in 2020 and why it’s actually not hard to get into the ballroom scene.

Read Nadja Preyer’s interview with Jada followed by portraits shot by Lorena Andrés – not to mention the original artwork by Kristina Nagel for the digital cover of this September’s mix. #ballroom


For a lot people, the author of this story included, Christoph Schlingensief is an iconoclast and a genius. Starting out as an experimental filmmaker, he expanded his work into the field of performative arts in the early ’00s. Heavily influenced by Joseph Beuys’ social sculptures he began using video footage to capture a certain
image of the social. Despite of Schlingensief’s early death in 2010, Luca Ganz can feel his revolutionary spirit reverberating throughout the German art world. So, as we are nearing the 10th anniversary of his death: What makes firestarting Christoph Schlingensief so relevant to this day?

“Channeling Schlingensief” by Luca Ganz with a painting by Pieter Bruegel and a never published before portrait of Schlingensief himself by Eckhard Kuchenbecker as published in TISSUE N°666FFF now online available here:

Mixtape 78 by Reza Athar

With our August mix we are proud to introduce Reza Athar, DJ and co-founder of Horizon party series in the Netherlands. Focussing on Persian Funk and Rangarang he brings you back to Iran of the 70s. Please read our little questionnaire, where Reza gives advice on record collecting and visiting Persia. Even though he is a known figure that played all over Europe he seems to be super grounded and committed to his profession. This exclusive compilation is filled with funky upbeat jams, at times very melancholic due to bluesy sequences. A lot of gems you probably haven’t heard before. One song even has a bunch of gun shots and horse riding noises in it. Which pays due to Mr. Athar’s claim to play “moods rather than genres”.


The Crashing of Landscape I
by Mylo Mark

Mylo Mark is a multi-disciplinary practice, an alter ego, a pseudonym, a publication, object, space and image design service or simply an absence of formal boundaries that define creative production. Take a look at his digital collage series Images of Landscape I below.


Mixtape 77 by Volruptus

How does our surrounding influence the art we make? And, speaking explicitly of music producers, does their environment affect the way they tweak and turn the knobs of their machines? You would probably answer with a yes after listening to Volruptus’ extra-terrestrial Electro and alien-ish Techno and hearing about the fact, that he’s originally hailing from Iceland. Volruptus was growing up in the picture book setting of your dreams. Fire, Ice and Techno. A cragged scenery made up of splashing geysirs, foggy cliffs, ponies and moss, moss, moss. To be precise about his point of origin, let’s put it in his own words: ’101 Reykjavik, baby!’


Alles ist vorbei —
A Different Eulogy

When Stephan Gräfe was 16, he raised his right arm in public. Just like Gabi Delgado had done before him. Sudden, rigid and in an angle of 45 degrees to his sight: the Hitler salute! The fun was over for everyone at his local youth centre and he was immediately kicked out while tirades of insults rained upon him. On this day he realised two things: firstly and mostly, punks are only the negative reflections of their hated parents and secondly, he had to find out who that band was.