Annika Weertz — Bright Midnight

Here’s our contribution to a fulfilled weekend: Annika Weertz’s ode to her boyfriend’s butt. A very handsome exemplar that triggers the desire to knead it passionately. Over and over again. See for yourself and take a break.

Video by Annika Weertz
Music by Adam Peleg


SATAN, WEICHE! [Get behind me, satan!]

Dear reader,
I saw the devil — everywhere and in many forms. That’s why the sixth issue of TISSUE Magazine carries the number of the beast. The added suffix fff stands for ‘fortune favours fools’ — our secret motto. TISSUE’s success explained in three words, if you will. The triple F also stands for Fridays For Future — for me, the only relevant movement today. Naturally it presents me with a dilemma too: why put out another resource-hungry print product when we’ve just had to realise that it would actually be best for the planet if we killed ourselves*?

— This edition of TISSUE Magazine wasn’t supposed to be, anyway. But, there are several reasons why it now does exist, exactly five years after we took a sabbatical from print. First of all: Eike König and his students at the University of Art & Design Offenbach, where an editorial design workshop I held, led to a three-week-residency that allowed me to work with inspiring fresh talent.
Secondly, visiting Japan in March on International Women’s Day when promoting our collaboration with Sister Tokyo was a big motivation. Meeting up with Chico of Neu Banal — our Japanese distributor — was the final spark: we spent the whole night planning this print joint venture, ready to be launched in Tokyo in November 2019.

— This edition of TISSUE Magazine is a disaster, too. It reads in the Japanese direction, so you have to flip the pages ‘backwards’ (depending on what part of the world you’re from). The spreads themselves still read from left to right, allowing you to turn the pages from both sides. There is no beginning and there is no end …

— This edition of TISSUE Magazine is jam-packed: up to 300% more readable content than we had in previous issues. And yet it’s still a highly visual compilation with contributions by regulars and fresh talent alike. As supplements, we included a poster by Martin Eder as well as a TISSUE branded oral dam — an idea our guest editor and co-founder Hans Bussert had some five years ago. By the way, do you notice that smell? Together with DL Roelen Parfums, we developed a gender-free fragrance to give N°666FFF its own olfactory dimension. It’s limited-edition too — since it’s part of the magazine, there are only 666 pieces available worldwide.

So please enjoy this rare piece of art, don‘t go to school on Fridays and remember Adorno — wrong life cannot be lived rightly.

Sincerely yours,
Uwe Bermeitinger & Team TISSUE

* ‘Save the planet kill yourself’ (Chris Korda & The Church of Euthanasia)
Portrait by Annika Weertz


Mixtape 72 by
Phil Evans

Ring, ring, message incoming: get yourself a 90 minutes treat of sophisticated techy beep beep mixed by Pager Record’s own Phil Evans – recorded at a club night presented by Hakoya soundsystem in Tokyo two weeks ago. Premiering tonight, 7pm via radio80k.

Please also note the fine artwork provided by Dopiliensi-Nadi, an excerpt taken from BUT IN THE META TOWN NO.


Kyiv Spring 2020

Dear Kyiv people and Ukrainian friends, contributors and supporters, we won‘t manage to come to Kyiv this year. We‘re planning to come in Spring 2020. we‘ll keep you posted. Wishing you all the best for the new year. xx //
Google translate: Шановні кияни та українські друзі, учасники та прихильники, нам не вдасться приїхати до Києва цього року. Ми плануємо приїхати навесні 2020 року. Бажаю вам всього найкращого на новий рік.

Mixtape 71 by
Space Drum Meditation

As Space Drum Meditation, Eddie Ness and Liem released a tape and two EPs so far. Not a huge discography yet, but there’s already a golden thread running through everything the duo is creating. Not only sound-wise, but also visually. And actually, if you compare their TISSUE Magazine Mixtape to their self-released tracks, it seems like they’re already there.

Nadja Preyer visited Space Drum Meditation’s sacred studio realms based in a neighbourhood you would not necessarily imagine.


But in the Meta town no.

We are lucky to introduce you to Dopiliensi-Nadi and her fantastic project “But in the Meta town no.” exploring aspects of the human body and the mind for which she organised various ‘experiences’ with willing participants. See for yourself below.