Martin Eder — The Dark Lord of Ass


Martin Eder has made a name for himself as a painter of brightly colored cat and lolita motifs. When he trades his brush and canvas for a camera to produce standalone photographs, his vocabulary becomes a lot darker.

For TISSUE N°2 Hans Bussert met a humble man who only temporarily let his mischievous side — we suspect him to be quite cunning — shine through.

A warm welcome once again to Martin Eder. All hail our Dark Lord of Ass!



We’re pretty proud to leak that TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 29 will be compiled by notorious cinéaste and Live at Robert Johnson shooting star Chinaski. It will drop this September.


Short Announcement


We will be having 18+ in our TISSUE Magazine Radioshow on Aug 28 at Berlin Community Radio. See you at Berghain.