Check this out to make sure that your selfie secrets remain secret!

This guide is provided by codingrights.org, a think-and-do tank lead by Brazilian-born women that aims to advance in the enforcement of Human Rights in the digital world by integrating usages and understandings of technology into policy making processes.

Print out the PDF files attached and fold them right.

Safer Nudes – A Sexy Guide to Digital Security | Page 1
Safer Nudes – A Sexy Guide to Digital Security | Page 2
A Short Guide to Folding an Eight-Page Mini Zine

Balz Isler – Intimate Matter / An Algorithmic Privacy


For Intimate Matter / An Algorithmic Privacy Balz Isler asked friends and other artists to send him private pictures. He collected them in order to perform a conceptual image editing process that conceals the person’s actions and their personal and objective evidence in the photos. Isler defined an area in each of these digital images to be replaced or covered by the computer: http://bit.ly/tissue_balz-isler



It seems like it will never end. We hope all our friends and team members are well and wish the best for everybody involved in that tragedy. Peace.

Magical Forces From Within


Did you ever take a piss and felt overwhelmed by the feeling that you are thereby producing art? Well, there is only one place on earth that can – of course besides many other so far unknown feelings – trigger this emotion. We are talking about the Berghain and especially Sarah Schoenfeld who realised after coming up with the seemingly absurd idea to collect and preserve litres of piss that your body fluids do qualify as art.

Learn more: http://bit.ly/tissue_sarah-schoenfeld

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 30


Not more than 4 weeks ago we were dancing to the music spinned by Kate Miller at Hamburg’s very own Golden Pudel Club. The Melbourne born prolific DJ got invited by Clap and his brother DJ Smut. Boys and girls, that was fun!

More information, tracklist and download of TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 30 by Kate Miller in our entertainment section: http://bit.ly/tissuemixtape30

Maxime Ballesteros – Tokyo


In the context of his Lead Award 2015 nomination as Best Mood and Fashion Photography of the Year revisit Maxime Ballesteros’ story Tokyo as featured in TISSUE N°5, and view some pictures of the opening of the VisualLeader 2015 exhibition at Haus der Photographie/Deichtorhallen Hamburg: http://bit.ly/tissue5_maxime-ballesteros