Structural Talk
With Structural Jack Greer


Jack Greer is a multidisciplinary fine artist with a versatile body of work. He looks like he is fully with art – he takes it very seriously and spends most of his time in his studio – at the end of the day being an artist is a job. We saw Greer’s work in NY as we attented his July’s solo show opening Landmark at Howard St, now few months later we sat down with him and discussed everything art.



Exclusive video premiere

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TISSUE Magazine presents:
Chinaski performing Lucifer Rising at Hotel International


The 70s classic Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger deals with black magic, occultism and the evil. Fittingly, TISSUE friend and mixtape contributor Chinaski will perform his own musical approach to this mystical stripe this Friday at Planke Nord, Mainz.

Chinaski performs live Lucifer Rising
Jaures (Die Orakel/R-Zone)
DJ Shell (Yappin)
Kilian Paterson & DJ Neewt

May 27, 6 AM / Planke Nord, Mainz / 6 €