TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 46
by Speckmann


“Perfect for teeth brushing or weed puffing, feet touching, street hustling!”. This mixtape will save your week, at least your Wednesday. It is compiled by one of Hamburg’s nicest, former Golden Pudel Club resident: The Speckman. Speck means ham. Don’t laugh, it’s real and it’s nice, and his mix is here to prove it.

More information, tracklist and download here: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=7609



That’s why we teamed up with Dan Szor – Lecturer, Fashion Image Making Styling and Former Art Director and Deputy editor of cult Nu Rave magazine Super Super – and his students from The University of Salford, Manchester. We invited them to examine our briefed concept of Antibody / Antiform.

We are more than excited to share the works of these raw talents with you soon!

Hans Petri — Zodiac Ungeschützt/bb


Hans Petri’s sociological montages are experiential obstacle courses of the intimate and its destruction. His current exhibition Bundesjugendspiele 2000, FRG at Galerie Kai Erdmann is on view till Friday, March 10. See scans of Petri’s original artworks exclusively here: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=7502

Premiering tonight:
TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45
by Robert Dietz


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45 by Robert Dietz feat. his personal selection of ’99 Basement Hits will premier today at 8 PM (UCT+1) on Berlin Community Radio.

Cover artwork by Hans Petri (Galerie Kai Erdmann) to be featured next week.