We were lucky to meet Yumi Nagao – stylist and owner of Sister Tokyo – to portray her in our “Natural Born” series. German-Japanese photographer Mana Komiyana met Yumi in her female fashion store in the heart of Shibuya to talk feminism in Japan, gender equality and about the idea behind our TISSUE x SISTER Tokyo capsule collection dropping March 8, 2019 on #internationalwomensday. Our editor Nadja Preyer is currently working on the interview. More to come quite soon on / #sistersistersister #march8


Rupert Marnie – Everyday Holiday

This Saturday, TISSUE Magazine and Hamburg-based art and club music collective The Press Group are proud to present a live performance of Rupert Marnie’s Una Serata al Bar Joy in its entirety. For one evening, he will take you the eponymous Bar Joy at Hamburg’s Kampnagel. We met him a few days before and talked about his Italo Disco and Balearic composition dedicated to the Latin American percussion instrument.

Read the full interview here:

Rupert Marnie –
Riva Aquarama (single version)

Rupert Marnie’s ‘Riva Aquarama’ taken from his TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 60 called “Impressioni dal Bar JOY” which he will perform in a live performance with band, plenty succo d’arancia, and of course, all notorious The Press Group members and associates at the turntables at Kampnagel on February 23.

Rupert Marnie (live)


TISSUE Magazine &
The Press Group pres.:
Una Serata Al Bar Joy

Listen up! Last year we had the honour to release Rupert Marnie’s very special mixtape in our ongoing series. It’s 45 minutes of exclusive music production by the maestro himself. Rupert called it “Una Serrate A Bar Joy” and is inspired by a tacky bar in South Italia, his love for coffee and all food italian as well as his new crush: the vibra slap!

Save the date! On February 23, TISSUE Magazine has the pleasure to invite you to an unforgettable evening with The Press Group at Kampnagel. Rupert Marnie will perform his master piece of work in a live performance with band, plenty succo d’arancia, and of course, all notorious The Press Group members and associates at the turntables. We expect all friends and supporters to come. Yours, Team TISSUE.

Rupert Marnie (live)

The Press Group


One Mother presents:
DonMonique at Kampnagel, Hamburg

One Mother label heads Preach and Natascha P. bring queer-feminist hip-hop to Hamburg. Their new event series GLOBAL FEMINIST BAD[B]ASS creates visibility for the local scene and connects it with international acts. Tomorrow, teaming up with DonMonique from Brooklyn at Kampnagel, Hamburg!

One Mother

Pleasure Hunter

Fr, 01.02.2019 22:00
Kampnagel – International Center for the Finer Arts
Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg