One Mother presents:
DonMonique at Kampnagel, Hamburg

One Mother label heads Preach and Natascha P. bring queer-feminist hip-hop to Hamburg. Their new event series GLOBAL FEMINIST BAD[B]ASS creates visibility for the local scene and connects it with international acts. Tomorrow, teaming up with DonMonique from Brooklyn at Kampnagel, Hamburg!

One Mother

Pleasure Hunter

Fr, 01.02.2019 22:00
Kampnagel – International Center for the Finer Arts
Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 64
by Undermind

From Potsdam to Berlin. From Tacheles to Humboldthain. From Eclecticism to Eclecticism. Consider this a short bio of Oliver Jungnick aka Undermind, creator of TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 64. The booker and founder of Berlin-Wedding’s club Humboldthain seems to be one of those who easily reach their next level by – ya’ll know it – going with the flow. 

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Xmess 2018 by Love Curly

TISSUE Magazine Xmess 2018 by Love Curly
Es ist hoffnungslos. It’s hopeless.

In a Pervert World

On the occasion of their 30th anniversary, Delmes & Zander show one the most ruthless and uncompromising artists of German post-war history. The works of Albrecht Becker are not only impressive contemporary documents, but in the current era of ‘body shaming’ or ‘body positivity’ they are as fascinating and relevant as at the time of their creation. Comprehensive and affectionate, the Cologne gallery shows, among other works, Rosa von Praunheim’s film ‘Liebe und Leid’ about the self-proclaimed autoerotic and masochist.

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