Daisuke Hamada — Make Some Plants for Today

When asking Daisuke Hamada about his personal work, he said: “I shoot flowers!” – Perfect! We at TISSUE Magazine share this special love for all sentient beings including flowers and other plants. Everybody loves flowers. So enjoy this beautiful flip-through and feel what Daisuke Hamada states here.


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Workshop with Uwe Bermeitinger


TMM 65

Easy Listening is aweful. It’s composed for only one reason: to give us the impression, that „everything is just fine”. But sometimes nothing is just fine. Cut it short: Easy Listening is the biggest garbage dump in the history of music genres. It’s even worse than (insert name of a band you really hate) and german Schlager combined. Easy Listening makes me sad. God, does anyone have a TISSUE?

Luckily, Capablanca recorded something that’ll wipe all your tears away. You can actually call it the exact opposite of Elevator Music.

Listen to TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 65 here:

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 65
by Capablanca

Close your eyes. Hit play. And look at the landscape. TMM65 by audiovisual fetishist Capablanca could be the next trip (the trippy kinda trip) into your deepest inner territories. Abstract, healing, völlig losgelöst. The picture that goes along was shot in Tokyo for TISSUE N°5 by long-term TISSUE associate Maxime Ballesteros. Speaking of long-lasting stuff: Thx, Berlin Community Radio, for streaming our tapes every damn Sunday for 5 years! Sending love to Berlin and a „Servus“ to Munich, where our new broadcasting home Radio 80000 is killing it daily. Tune in this Sunday, 4 pm CET, see the future and drop out. Yours TISSUE.