Egotrips Vandals Crew x TISSUE Magazine teaming up
to hustle harder than the next dudes.

We’ll keep you posted.



To celebrate the release of TISSUE N°5 in Japan today, Marginal Press (our official Japan distributor) and TISSUE Magazine created this TISSUE Box featuring some bubble style typography of Hamburg based female artist Anna T-Iron.

Yuppidu, TISSUE N°5 is available now in Japan!

1/3 leadaward 2014


Big up to DANIEL JOSEFSOHN and Zeit Magazin for getting gold in the category “Fotografie/Reportagefotografie des Jahres” at leadaward 2014!
Find his picture “Heaven” as supplementary poster (36 X 58 cm) in current TISSUE Magazine N°5 taken from his book “OK DJ” published by Hantje & Cantz.

“Dear terror motivated suiciders
please stop this killing of innocent people
we are out of virgins up here in paradise
we just got some very very young sheep left
Daniel Josefsohn”

2/3 leadaward 2014

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-17 um 12.20.40

Big up to Joanna Swistowski and Peter Wagner of DAS BUCH ALS MAGAZIN for getting gold in the category “Newcomer Magazin des Jahres” at leadaward 2014.

Appendix: Shout out to Kurt Hustle, Ron Foto and Cedric MC

3/3 leadaward 2014:


Big up to JOERG KOCH and the whole 032C massive for getting gold in the category “Online/Independent des Jahres” at leadaward 2014!
On the picture there’s an excerpt of the interview with Joerg Koch in current TISSUE Magazine; illustration by Alex Solman

Appendix leadaward: Because people keep asking – we weren’t at last friday’s leadaward celebration because we weren’t invited. Not enough space for underdog magazines at leadaward this year.