Team TISSUE Rule N°2


We don’t mean to sound like your mother, but we seriously learned something on our way to rock’n’roll heaven: If you ever jump down a stage, make sure there are enough blokes to catch you.

We definitely encourage you to take any risk possible to bring yourself a step further in life, but don’t be a fool: you don’t benefit anybody with a broken leg.

So if there is any parameter you can effect to bring your project or anything else to a saver completion, just (fucking) do it! Don’t make the same stupid little mistakes, the tiny voice in your head is always warning you about, over and over again.

Now: jump!

Please welcome Team TISSUE’s newest member:

Talented Maximiliane Schmid aka Maxy Curls who is helping with the art direction and layout for TISSUE N°5! See her layouting without even touching the computer in that picture.

(Lovely Kristin Eichmann – former AD – was headhunted by Mike Meiré and got pregnant by her boyfriend after a few months later. But don’t worry, who is with the team stays with the team. Forever.)

We continue our

Interviewing Joerg Koch for TISSUE N°5

Just came back from Berlin interviewing JOERG KOCH of 032c for upcoming TISSUE N°5 (October 2014).

(excerpt of “What we believe”, 032c, issue 26)



Dear reader and soon-to-be-reader,
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YAY! Team TISSUE is growing!

Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer, TISSUE Magazine's fashion director

We are proud to announce that Paris based stylist Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer is now TISSUE’s first and only FASHION DIRECTOR!
Welcome home, Ann-Kathrin.