TISSSUE Magazine Mixtape 42


The most coolest thing that ever happened to TISSUE is this mixtape. JASSS does not only feel good to say, JASSS made this thrilling mix that is impossible to be prepared for. It can not easily be put into a box, yet it sounds familiar as it touches upon different genres and cultural themes. From dark melancholic sounds to tribal or folk music back to electronic music. This addictive mixtape is no doubt a very individual experience that we don’t really think you want to miss out on. We are very proud to add this special selection to our long-time continuous mixtape series.

Listen to TISSSUE Magazine Mixtape 42 here:

aesthetik01: Sonya Kydeeva + Philippe Gerlach — DOM


Last Thursday night saw the opening of Sonya Kydeeva’s and Philippe Gerlach’s DOM exhibition curated by Kristina Nagel‘s aesthetik01 in Berlin-Moabit. The show presents the collaborative work of Kydeeva and Gerlach which documents and transcends the image of DOM (which means home) and of sanctuary through the movements of adolescent environments in Moscow and Berlin – through photography, but also with the flag as an art object.

More pictures and information: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=7078



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Dean Blunt is a man of mystery or not, dunno, I mean, yes he is. He is very out there, but still very private at the same time. He is a rare species with a rare kind of mind. The fact is, only person so rare can do so much, so good. He possesses a rare kind of talent that is universal. He is a rare multidisciplinary artist, just because it’s rare to always do things so well, at all times, and in all disciplines.

Enjoy this series of our favorite comments/quotes said by Babyfather/by Dean Blunt/or of Babyfather: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=7035


by Dean Blunt: „I work with a bunch of derelicts, I guess, people as retarded as myself, that seem to — we all seem to share — we’re maybe different, but we obviously share something that makes it OK for us to work together. That’s kind of it. And those people are sometimes musicians, sometimes not. Most times not. But it’s not really about that. I think it’s just, there’s a certain kind of openness as a quality, and anyone can have it. Anyone. And if we link or if by whatever means we come together, it just stuck. Yeah, we work together, and that’s kind of how it goes. But, yeah, I don’t know. Sometimes the people I work with are brethrens that don’t even like the music, but they’re just — they understand it’s a conversation, and we’re just here, you know? We just do it. Talking can be overrated.“

TISSUE x Shutters pres. Babyfather
Nov 25, Uebel und Gefährlich, Hamburg

Tickets here: http://bit.ly/babyfatherhh

(compiled by Katja Horvat; artwork by Pelle Buys for TISSUE Magazine)