Premiere: Natascha P. — Asphalt

Natascha P. presents her new video for „Asphalt“ together with a comment by writer Enis Maci.

Asphalt was shot by Levente Pavelka and edited by Natascha P. herself. As part of the Hamburg based music collective „one mother” she will release her new collaborative mixtape „match made in heaven“ together with the RnB singer Preach in September 2018.

Enis Maci writes essays and plays. She is the author of the forthcoming essay collection Eiscafé Europa (Edition Suhrkamp) and wrote a comment on „Asphalt“.

Read more and watch the video here:

Blender – Neon Transmission 0001

Music becomes more and more important on TISSUE Magazine. So listen here to Blender’s new mix for Berlin’s event series Dreams of Neon. Follow their soundcloud account:

Blender, formerly known as DJ Clap – “is the musical director for Hamburg’s own TISSUE Magazine, which combines dedicated monthly digital mixtapes with editorial design from within the magazine’s circle.” Bam!

New shit from Hamburg coming

Please get to know more about Preach, Natascha P. and S.G.E from One Mother the next months on

TMM60 by Rupert Marnie

After all that teasing and the premiere on Sunday it’s here:

45 minutes of exclusive music production by the wizard Rupert Marnie. All inspired by a tacky bar in South Italia, his love for coffee and all food italian as well as his new crush: the vibra slap! Enjoy the life.

Special thanks to amazon, Ferrero and google for supporting us with photo footage – you rock!

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 60
by Rupert Marnie

45 minutes of exclusive music production
by the “Don Juan of Deep Tech House” –
TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 60 by Rupert Marnie
premiering this Sunday July 15th 8pm

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 60

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 60
by Rupert Marnie of The Press Group
dropping on Sunday July 15th 8pm on Berlin Community Radio
(in the picture: Rupert Marnie – Dog EP – TPG003)


Editor-in-chief‘s confession – our pleasure: Uwes Kiosk turned international. You‘ll still find all rare TISSUE Magazine back issues, merch and other printed goods in his kiosk-international formerly known as store-tissuemagazine-com / one love one mother

Embracing Vulnerability
by Heather Glazzard

We passively observe our daily lives through a smartphone. We recognize the person depicted in the selfie, but it’s not us. We put our flawless bodies on display. We master self-censorship, and choose wisely which facetes to show. We capture our perfect, staged life and share it. The worse we feel, the more we post. Have you ever felt really uncomfortable with someone, but kept talking to them simply because you’re afraid of awkward moments of silence? Until you realize that the person you are not comfortable with is yourself.

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