Jardin & Wutangu by Hélène Mastrandréas for TISSUE N°666FFF [launching 9 November 2019, Japan]

A few months after the release of his EP One World One Shit, Jardin aka Lény Bernay is delivering a brand-new live show: together with Wutangu, there’ll be two geminis on the stage. His song Débordement, as well as the whole EP, are dedicated to Chris Korda & The Church of Euthanasia — an eco-queer cult born in 1992.

We are proud to announce an editorial shot by Hélène Mastrandréas featuring Jardin & Wutangu in upcoming TISSUE N°666FFF to be launched November 9th, 2019 in Japan and a few weeks later all around the planet.

Director: Hélène Mastrandréas
Assistant: Lucie Ternisien
Stylists: Alexandre Paty & Samuel Bardaji
Makeup: Ondine Marchal
Hair: Sumiyo Kyoshima
Floral & Set Design: Laurie Mortreuil
Thanks to Mac Cosmetics, Véronique Chabourine, My Favorite Things,
Lucía Serrano, Maïté Waag

shi offline – Krill

Check out shi offline’s brand-new video for “Krill” above. The Hamburg-based duo will release their debut album golaya tomorrow, Friday 18th via Audiolith. Buy and stream the album here.

He: Sacha Eusebe
Director / Concept / Production / Editing: Talin Seigmann
1st AD: Elizabeth Hinojos
DoP: Hee-Seong Han
DoP assistance: Christina Rank
Styling: Zorica Stojanovic
HM: Janina Zais


Mixtape 70 by Best Boy Electric

Part of the Possy: Best Boy Electric delivered one hell of a TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 70. Expect enough heavy, raw and dystopian waves of joy to get you through the day. Dropping this afternoon 3 PM on Radio80k.

Cover image by Johanna Jaskowska & Rayan Nohra


Mixtape 69 by Arsy 1

Choosing Berlin and having more than one alias is not everything that Arsy and Christopher Rau – who contributed the last TISSUE Mixtape – have in common. On top, both are mates and share their mutual love for electronic music, which comes along rather quirky and free-spirited than polished and crowd-pleasing.

Read now how Arsy ended up choosing his MySpace nickname as one of his monikers and why he thinks, more of his DJ colleagues should answer certain booking requests with a nice and clear „fuck off”.


Mixtape 68 by Christopher Rau:
F Is for Fandom

There are many reasons why musicians choose to release under more than just one moniker. For some it simply has practical reasons. For others, like Christopher Rau, it’s pure fandom. The former-Hamburg-now-Berlin-based producer has always been fascinated by fellow sound geeks like Polarius aka Nomad Ninja aka Legowelt – these are, by the way, only 3 of 37 (!) aliases of the Dutch producer. One of his reasons to choose Hamburg as his new home? Cause it was (and still is) home of the infamous and die hard Golden Pudel club. Again: pure fandom.

Nadja Preyer talked to Christoper Rau aka T.R. ”Early” Earl aka Rhythmus Günther. Enjoy his diverse and deep, still uplifting TISSUE Magazine Mixtape that spares you trivial Kick-Bass-Hi-Hat boredom while reading the interview here.

Tim Bruening —
Bucharest Impressions

We sent Tim Bruening to Telekom Electronic Beats Festival in Bucharest to photograph Umfang for a feature in the upcoming TISSUE No. 666fff. From probably the biggest collection of minerals to dinosaurs to the craziest shop ever — see photos and read about his trip to the city here.

41 years, tears tears tears.

While salty drops were dripping on the eastern German ground, caused by broken hearts and caged minds, creativity was rising from the ashes of post-war Deutschlands de- and repression. Spunky aka Reinhard Spunkner grew up in Dresden, one of the GDR’s epicentres. The father of two sons has gained reputation not only as a DJ and former record shop owner, but also as a photographer.

Read the full interview here: