TMM 65

Easy Listening is aweful. It’s composed for only one reason: to give us the impression, that „everything is just fine”. But sometimes nothing is just fine. Cut it short: Easy Listening is the biggest garbage dump in the history of music genres. It’s even worse than (insert name of a band you really hate) and german Schlager combined. Easy Listening makes me sad. God, does anyone have a TISSUE?

Luckily, Capablanca recorded something that’ll wipe all your tears away. You can actually call it the exact opposite of Elevator Music.

Listen to TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 65 here:

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 65
by Capablanca

Close your eyes. Hit play. And look at the landscape. TMM65 by audiovisual fetishist Capablanca could be the next trip (the trippy kinda trip) into your deepest inner territories. Abstract, healing, völlig losgelöst. The picture that goes along was shot in Tokyo for TISSUE N°5 by long-term TISSUE associate Maxime Ballesteros. Speaking of long-lasting stuff: Thx, Berlin Community Radio, for streaming our tapes every damn Sunday for 5 years! Sending love to Berlin and a „Servus“ to Munich, where our new broadcasting home Radio 80000 is killing it daily. Tune in this Sunday, 4 pm CET, see the future and drop out. Yours TISSUE.


Natural Born: DonMonique

When our friend Natascha P. of One Mother had the idea that we should talk to DonMonique, she didn‘t know that we were pumping “Pilates” since kindergarten. Yes, Don Dada is part of the TISSUE Lab office playlist from the moment we heard Thirst Trap, the Bronx-Brooklyn-raised MC’s first album from 2015.

We met the 24-year-old rapper prior to her show at Kampnagel in a very good mood, enhanced by Hamburg’s finest herbs. Throwing buzzwords like „Kate Moss”, „rap” and „the Internet” at her, see what DonMonique threw back at us.

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Throwback 2013 / TISSUE N°3

Ruin Martin Eder flipping through TISSUE N°3 shot by Lukas Gansterer featuring contributions by himself as well as by Miroslav Tichý, Lukas Gansterer, Leigh Ledare, A.Activities, Adrian Crispin, Elena Kholkina, Steve Oklyn, Hanna Putz, Hans Petri, Magazine, Peter Kaaden, Fee Romero, Maxime Ballesteros, Thomas Bayrle, Andy Warhol, and Walter Dahn. Enjoy.

TISSUE N°3 and other back issues available via (shipping worldwide)

Director: Lukas “White” Gansterer
Hands: Martin Eder
Art Direction: Uwe Jens Bermeitinger
Music: RUIN “Spring”

Natural Born: Yumi Nagao

Sister Tokyo is serving with the latest sought-after supplies of fashion and culture. The concept of the store: Nice things for women, brought to them by women. In 2008, Yumi Nagao started working at the shop. Ten years later, she took over the direction. But before making Sister her baby, she was working as a buyer, commuting between New York and Tokyo. How she got her twinsie hand tattoo in NYC is just one of the things she told us, when we interviewed her for our Natural Born series.

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International sister, natural born

Meet Yumi Nagao, owner of Sister Tokyo. A Shibuya destination for women appreciating on-point selections of clothing, art and books. We met Yumi a few days ago, not only talking fashion and feminism, but also counting down the days till #internationalwomensday on March 8th, when our Sister x TISSUE collection is ready to drip drop. 10 percent of the profit will be donated to Women’s Rights Advocacy Group. Do the world a favor and stay tuned, sisters, brothers, mothers, everyone.