Chinaski — Disaster

With his newest video the producer from hell formally known as Chinaski transforms his club track Disaster into an ambient song completely removed of bassline and beats. People serve as aesthetic objects, degraded for the camera, while a cohesive rhythmic-melodic pattern unfolds. more information and pictures

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 37
by L.F.T.

Mystery Man, as he has been called, aka L.F.T. from the WoodWork label has made this month’s amazingly atmospheric and mystic mixtape for TISSUE Magazine. L.F.T. stands for… oh, no one knows. According to himself: ”… because the world wouldn’t understand”. Maybe so, but what the world can understand, though maybe mystic, is his talent for making music. more information, tracklist and download

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 36

ACOID aka Philipp, is a part of the Berlin artist collective Live From Earth and he is a master of mixing deep soft bouncing beats that go straight to your hips. He comes around lots of different genres from ghetto tech over juke and footwork to Miami bass – everything heavily influenced by hip hop in an alltogether slow down kinda cloud rap way. more information, tracklist and download