Uwe Jens Bermeitinger

The Manifest of the
Functional Illiterate

He was nervous, he felt like a new student standing in front of a new class. Now he was sitting there, surrounded by painters, copywriters, photographers, graphic and fashion designers. On this evening, the creatives wanted to hear from him, how it was back then when he worked as an editor and what he thought […]

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 46
by Speckmann

“Perfect for teeth brushing or weed puffing, feet touching, street hustling!”. This mixtape will save your week, at least your Monday. It is compiled by one of Hamburg’s nicest, former Golden Pudel Club resident: The Speckman. “Speck” means ham. Don’t laugh it’s real and it’s nice, and his mix is here to prove it.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 39
by Broshuda

Graphic designer, illustrator and music producer Broshuda has made this calming mix for TISSUE this month. Supersmooth and easy, Broshuda moves between ambient, experimental, classical and rock without changing the core feeling of the mix: dreamy and melancholic.

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Admittedly we are far from being objective when it comes to 18+ since the LA/NY-based duo did not knowingly provide us with the perfect soundtrack for our weekly meetings and summerly joyrides. No more words needed to give you an idea of how excited we were when Samia and Justin accepted our invitation to join […]

Sequenz 03.Standbild037a
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TISSUE Magazine Radioshow 3
feat. Sarah Schoenfeld and 18+

Listen to 2,5 hours of intellectual arty dirt talk. Learn why your body liquids qualify as art, take a look at the ten years Berghain book through the eyes of Sarah Schoenfeld. Get super excited, when 18+ drops that they will release their second album next year and be curious about their new approach to […]

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RP Kahl — From Arthouse to Penthouse

Actor turned auteur RP Kahl just doesn’t give a damn. While pornographic images become more and more mainstream, his film Bedways managed to cause quite a stir with its authentic sex scenes. We’re big fans. Especially because RP isn’t too shy to join the frolics in front of the camera himself.

47_tissue02 (2)
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