TISSUE Magazine Mixtape

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 46
by Speckmann

“Perfect for teeth brushing or weed puffing, feet touching, street hustling!”. This mixtape will save your week, at least your Monday. It is compiled by one of Hamburg’s nicest, former Golden Pudel Club resident: The Speckman. “Speck” means ham. Don’t laugh it’s real and it’s nice, and his mix is here to prove it.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45
by Robert Dietz

’99 Basement Hits is the name of TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 45. This throwback premium collection of 90s techno and house tracks is a personal selection made by Robert Dietz, co-owner and founder of TBT Records, now living in Berlin.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 44
by Perila

The first time we were able to experience Perila was when the whole Berlin Community Radio posse came into town for the amazing BCR Hamburg at Uebel & Gefährlich in August last year. Luckily, she provided us with this month’s TISSUE Magazine Mixtape called Deep Connection.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 43
by Wosto

A new year means a new mixtape. And this year starts just excellent with a strong all-around electronic mix by Wosto, one half of mysterious duo Fallbeil along his friend Kluentah. They released on labels like New York Haunted, Contort Yourself, Terminal Operations, Hafenschlamm Records and Return to Disorder over the last three years.

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TISSSUE Magazine Mixtape 42

The most coolest thing that ever happened to TISSUE is this mixtape. JASSS does not only feel good to say, JASSS made this thrilling mix that is impossible to be prepared for. It can not easily be put into a box, yet it sounds familiar as it touches upon different genres and cultural themes.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 41
by Markus Schwarz

Markus Schwarz is killing it on this month’s TISSUE mix with two hours of SOLID OLD SCHOOL TECHNO! Markus, who together with his partner in crime Clark Davis founded the label District 66 in 2015, keeps it old school playing this sweet two hour set only analogue, no computers involved. Just like back in the […]

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 40
by Benjamin Brunn

Benjamin Brunn has made this month’s perfectly positive mixtape for us. It is called “Music for Good Times and Bad Times”. A pretty good name for these joyful 60 minutes of exclusive ambient music that will hopefully make you smile.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 39
by Broshuda

Graphic designer, illustrator and music producer Broshuda has made this calming mix for TISSUE this month. Supersmooth and easy, Broshuda moves between ambient, experimental, classical and rock without changing the core feeling of the mix: dreamy and melancholic.

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 38
by DJ Longsleeve

Pull off your shirt for DJ Longsleeve formerly known as Dynamodyse. Under the name Prince of Deep, he also released his first EP Shelter on the Belgian We Play House label in 2009 and without putting this mix too much in a category it isn’t wrong to say that he is mastering the house genre […]

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