Sarah Schoenfeld

Magical Forces From Within

Did you ever take a piss and felt overwhelmed by the feeling that you are thereby producing art? Well, there is only one place on earth that can – of course besides many other so far unknown feelings – trigger this emotion. We are talking about the Berghain and especially Sarah Schoenfeld who realised after […]

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Sarah Schoenfeld is a 34 year old visual artist based in Berlin whose work was presented in the Berghain 10th anniversary exhibition, 10. She tells Berlin-based Swiss artist Vanessa Safavi about drugs, body fluids and other alchemical stories.

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Admittedly we are far from being objective when it comes to 18+ since the LA/NY-based duo did not knowingly provide us with the perfect soundtrack for our weekly meetings and summerly joyrides. No more words needed to give you an idea of how excited we were when Samia and Justin accepted our invitation to join […]

Sequenz 03.Standbild037a
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TISSUE Magazine Radioshow 3
feat. Sarah Schoenfeld and 18+

Listen to 2,5 hours of intellectual arty dirt talk. Learn why your body liquids qualify as art, take a look at the ten years Berghain book through the eyes of Sarah Schoenfeld. Get super excited, when 18+ drops that they will release their second album next year and be curious about their new approach to […]

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