Phillip Schmidt

Roman Schramm — Legs

Women’s legs, iridescent tights and what appears to be blue-painted salt dough figures are the ingredients to Roman Schramm‘s leg series. A monochromatic grey surface and your regular Photoshop drop shadow round off the absurd composition.

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B a g g e r TheCollection

Raw, in-your-face, leftfield and a slight feel of early Belgian rave culture is what best describes new streetwear clothing line B a g g e r TheCollection by the eponymous Antwerp-based creative collective. What originally started as an arthouse club in an old customs building at the city’s port evolved into a gathering of lost […]

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Those Bloody Colours

Since the second edition of TISSUE magazine, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to call Martin Eder a constant collaborator. When we first met him for an interview for N°2 we got a detailed and intimate insight into his working methods and his accompanying thoughts. For N°5 it was Eder’s breathtaking image of model […]

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Ulrike does Ralph Lauren

What happens when you take a brand like Ralph Lauren out of context? What if its idea of a rich, successful and white American Dream encounters rough and minimalistic fashion photography? Belgian artist and photographer Ulrike Biets brings two completely different fashion subworlds together, trying to find out whether the brand’s image would also work […]

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