Katja Horvat


Babyfather is a London-based project featuring Dean Blunt, DJ Escrow, Gassman, Triumph ALLAH and Lady T. Their debut album is called BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow and is out now on Hyperdub. The album also includes contributions from Arca and Mica Levi. And with Blunt being the main force behind the project, this intro is […]

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Item Idem — Method of Loci

Rarely does visual art behave in a way theater does, but occasionally it manages, and Method of Loci is one of those occasions. Cyril Duval aka item idem articulated the path between the past, present and future with mysticism, symbolism, and pop culture overtones. Method of Loci is an exhibition that shows us not how […]

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A Talk With Laz Rojas

Laz Rojas is a master of transformation! He makes work in film, photography, and art that consistently tread a tenuous line between complex and simple. His work is sharp, witty, multi-layered all in all thorough. One could say there is an idiosyncratic variety of different meanings to his work. In his mélange of imagery he […]

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NAKED’s debut album ZONE is full of a deliciously dark, noisy, sexual electro-pop tracks. The album results in expressive electronics mixed with despairing vocals. Some songs poignantly express heavy emotions, some are gentler, more pop(py). Each song features dark sound that is juxtaposed with pleasing tones, which altogether make for an ambient, raw and somehow […]

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Structural Talk With Structural Jack Greer

Jack Greer is a multidisciplinary fine artist with a versatile body of work. He looks like he is fully with art – he takes it very seriously and spends most of his time in his studio – at the end of the day being an artist is a job.

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