TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 55
by Europa

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 55 by Europa premieres Sunday, January 14, at 8 PM on Berlin Community Radio AROUND THE WORLD WITH EUROPA “Le Tour” is a collection of 12 unreleased tracks by Europa. Each one is inspired by a city the artist has visited over the last years and compiled together to share with his […]

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 54
by Stanley WE

Watch the full movie UNALOWE by Stanley WE here. More projects by Nizan Kasper here. More information on the movie, the crew and their secret desires will follow soon. World peace now! Listen to Mixtape 54 (UNALOWE rough rugged raw soundfile) here: https://soundcloud.com/tissue-magazine/mixtape-54-by-stanley-we

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Exclusively available in our cyber store, you can now find works of Stefan Marx, Tim Bruening and our editor-in-chief Uwe Bermeitinger in limited editions, including zines, prints and accessories on http://store.tissuemagazine.com Shipping worldwide!

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 53
by Acid Pablo

There are these things that somehow always come back to you: be it your clingy ex, that saccharine pup that fetches sticks like a lunatic or Acid Pablo and his crew named Boomerang. Painting the town red for a while now, the collective is providing Hamburg with properly entertaining content. Even though it´s „just a […]

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Only 6 copies left

Dear collectors, fans and admirers, there are only 6 copies left: “LA” by Stefan Marx & Tim Bruening Get it here: http://store.tissuemagazine.com/product/la-stefan-marx-tim-bruening-designed-by-charlotte-gosch Exclusive interview and shit here: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=8162

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Footage from TISSUE x Shutters pres. Babyfather in 2016 at Uebel & Gefährlich in Hamburg by Nizan Kasper – new film coming soon!

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TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 52
by Jing

This month’s mixtape is made by charming Berlin-based Jing. It will take you on a sensuous and exploratory trip into space and yourself. It is wicked. More information, photos, tracklist and download here: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=8429

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