Anastasiia Chorna

Anastasiia Chorna — Mai’Yah

Gabby Bass, 18, who also goes by the name Mai’Yah, studies documentary photography at Parsons and lives in Staten Island, NYC. I met her at International Center of Photography classes and she struck me with her gorgeous look.

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Anastasiia Chorna — Devin Cronin

I met Devin, 20, on Instagram. She is a tattoo artist, studying in Vermont, originally from NYC, Stuyvesant Town. I immediately fell in love with her Irish beauty. She is my modern-day tough Juliet. How can you not grow up tough being from a project town? I identify with her as well, being from a […]

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Anastasiia Chorna — Ilona & Alyona

Anastasiia Chorna is a young artist from Ukraine, born in Odessa, in 1991, the year communist rule collapsed. Her art is deeply inspired by post-soviet culture and architecture.

My beautiful picture
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