Editorial of TISSUE N°4:


A wise man once told me that the 3rd issue of a magazine is the hardest to get out. It’ll sort the men from the boys, he said. I say the 4th issue is the hardest one to get on the streets, and it certainly was for me this time!*

Speaking to Sandra Mayer-Myrthenhain, every issue hides it’s very own surprises. Listening to Olivier Zahm (interview on p. 30) it’s about focusing on the good things to make a good magazine. Joerg Koch reminds us it’s better to go fuck something than complain. And my Buddhist lama’s advice is to keep a stiff upper lip.

So that’s what I did, accompanied by a strong ambitious team who was willing to give everything to get this thing to print. As I look at the complete issue hanging on the wall of our TISSUE Lab, I am overwhelmed by this very special union of contributors, and an ever-growing scene of artists, collaborators, fans and supporters keeping this project alive. The moment that you, dear reader, enjoy while holding this issue in your hands, eager to suck in every page of this truly strong collection of fleshy surprises, bewitched by the scent of freshly printed pages, and the fact that this copy of exquisite publication will fi nd its very special place in your collection of contemporary magazines, is the biggest reward, and allows us to forget the problems we had along the way … Nahhh, what problems?!

Can’t won’t don’t stop.
Uwe Jens Bermeitinger

TISSUE Magazine — Geist, Liebe, Freiheit.
A biannually published exquisite art manual.

* We had it all this time: from lovesickness, moving the TISSUE Lab, burn-outs, massive financial problems (ending up me taking another loan to get this issue out), a hard disc crash with a six week old back-up, team members who dissappear for two weeks and an artists who cancels her contribution 2 days before post-production leaving us with ten blank pages. You name it.

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Uwe Jens Bermeitinger