TISSUE Magazine proudly premieres ‘Bruises’ by Freja Sofie Kirk and Amalie Smed Dawids as part of the initial launch trilogy by Copenhagen-based visual community and creative studio Morph. As the second video of the series, Kirk and Dawids explore the architectural material of CGI animation through a meditation on the eerie and violent standardisation of the body – through the colour blue, a questioning of surface, language and reality.

Read more and watch the video here:

This Sunday:
TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 64

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 64 by UNDERMIND
premiering this Sunday at 8 PM on

The picture chosen to this unique musical blend is taken from Albrecht Becker — „No Love Without Pain“ as currently shown at Delmes & Zander, Cologne as well as to be shown at Independent New York in March 2019

More information and a tracklist coming soon …

Uwe Bermeitinger —
Kiosk International

For one week only, TISSUE Magazine’s editor-in-chief Uwe Bermeitinger will turn Hamburg’s Âme Nue into a flagship store-like installation. Using contemporary advertising techniques and promotional channels of communication, Kiosk International is an autobiographic journey through the artist’s mindset. Presenting typographic slogans on stickers, cards and tee-shirts, large-scale posters and photo-prints; the show is a happening in which every detail is carefully considered. From opening hours to packaging materials, it plays with the codes of our consumer driven society.

Opening: Friday, November 23 at 8 PM

Âme Nue
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2
20459 Hamburg


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 62
by Isabelle

When I met Isabelle in 2016 for the first time she was in her early twenties. She still is. She’s in my clique. She’s smart, she’s zen and she got the looks. She knows. She’s my plug to Hamburg’s fresh talents – music and art-wise. She’s down. She’s my hidden champion. She’s trusting and she’s my saviour – at least when we were playing Garbicz Festival together this summer at Haus Seepferdchen. Big up!

More information, tracklist and download here:

TISSUE Magazine N°1 – N°5
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TISSUE Magazine N°1 – N°5 plus free shipping worldwide
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Kiosk International at Galerie Âme Nue
Nov 23 – Dec 2 2018 / Hamburg