Roman Menge & Dan Künzler – appear unremarkable

Watch Dan Künzler and Roman Menge blend the boundaries between plain observations and their subtle, yet blunt activities. Make sure to watch this exclusive video and visit their exhibition tomorrow, if you get the chance.


appear unremarkable
Ein Bahner kommt selten allein
Daniel Künzler
Roman Menge

Oxymoron Galerie
Mariahilferstraße 3
1060 Wien

Opening: September 23, 2016, 6 PM at Popupzentrale

TISSUE x Shutters present:
NAKED (live) + Ziúr at Uebel und Gefährlich


Tuesday, October 4
Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg
EUR 12,55 /
Doors open: 8 PM

Finally something to look forward to: TISSUE Magazine and Shutters present NAKED and Ziúr live at Uebel und Gefährlich:
Their debut album ZONE will be released on September 30 via LuckyMe.

Photography: Hendrik Schneider




All 130 pages of TISSUE Magazine N°5 are now online! Click through it for free and find portraits of Sarah Schoenefeld, Jennifer Abessira and Meghan Edwards (Miss M.E)

Interviewing Joerg Koch of 032c. Showing Zelle Asphaltkultur. Featuring Martin Eder, Tim Bruening, Roman Schramm, Till Janz & Hendrik Schneider, Maxime Ballesteros, Adrian Crispin, Jonas Lindstroem, Daniel Josefsohn.

Get yourself a physical copy here:

DJ Clap at BCR Hamburg

Listen to DJ Clap, musical director and head of our mixtape series, doing the opening at Berlin Community Radio at Uebel und Gefährlich in the name of TISSUE Magazine last month.

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 39
by Broshuda


Graphic designer, illustrator and music producer Broshuda has made this calming mix for TISSUE this month. Supersmooth and easy, Broshuda moves between ambient, experimental, classical and rock without changing the core feeling of the mix: dreamy and melancholic.

More information, tracklist and download here: