TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51
by AlphaMob

amob tissue tape-0603

„A cowbell in every track. That was the ultimate goal.“ Obviously, AlphaMob from Hamburg knows what he wants. And what he doesn’t. For example, he would have never even wasted a thought on snitching the tracklist for his rare Memphis-Rap-infused TISSUE Mixtape 51.

Listen to TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51 by AlphaMob here:

Photos by Pelle Buys
Introduction jingle by Skinny Finsta
Words by Nadja Preyer

TISSUE x AlphaMob —
“The Camouflage Tape”


Preorder TISSUE x AlphaMob — “The Camouflage Tape” now in our cyber store!

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51 A + B by AlphaMob on cassette tape with DIN A5 flyer, stickers and shit. Tapes will be sent out by October 26 2017.

Limited edition of 100 copies, handmade at the TISSUE Lab, St. Pauli! Cowbell extended, Skinny Finsta infused, 90ies Memphis Rap Era: 100% real, 0% fresh!


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51
by AlphaMob


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51 by AlphaMob premieres this Sunday, October 15 at 8 PM (UCT+1) on Berlin Community Radio.

100 percent real, but zero percent fresh. Doesn’t sound too much like TISSUE, right? Still, AlphaMob’s got the skills to make this oxymoron come true: with TISSUE Mixtape 51. Expect dirt. Expect oooldschool. Expect 100 % memphis rap and zero % mirrorpolished west-coast-east-coast-bla-bla.

Cover photo by Pelle Buys

Limited cassette tape edition dropping afterwards!


In Bed With DJ bwin


Last time our editor-in-chief Uwe saw DJ bwin play was in the dark basement of Hamburg’s Rote Flora at a big Anti-G20 solidarity rave in the beginning of 2017. Thomas Baldischwyler said: „It was a blast!“. Uwe thought so too.

Listen to TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 50 by courtesy of DJ bwin and see some pictures taken with the help of DJ Annette, when we were all hanging out at Uwe’s place here:


Voyage en Inocie


We like to introduce you to La Chatte au Miel, an art project from France about women, their love for themselves, body-positivity, caring observation and their sexuality. It promotes women’s pride, the total rejection of judgment and the illustration of what a free and fulfilled woman can be, separate from dictates and societal norms.

See the full story featuring Luna Leung here:



TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51
by AlphaMob – “The Camouflage Tapes”
dropping October 2017 // digital plus cassette tape edition

Listen to Screwed Oceans compiled by AlphaMob below.

TISSUE x AlphaMob

TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 51 by AlphaMob dropping October
! Plus mad limited cassette tape edition !

Tonight: Eike König at Âme Nue


Berlin-based artist Eike König brings unconscious action to the conscious mind. By representing a system of thoughts with strong principles of humanism – details of life and characters which speak to everyone – König presents a storyline to be perceived and to be thought about. His exhibition I Like Your Problems starts today, 7 PM at Âme Nue in Hamburg.

Eike König

Âme Nue
Schaarsteinwegsbrücke 2
20459 Hamburg
Gallery open: 07.09.2017 – 07.10.2017
Wednesday through Saturday, 2 PM – 6 PM




Finissage of our editor-in-chief’s exhibition RAMIREZ & BERMEITINGER curated by Judith Hofer at Galerie Kai Erdmann tomorrow, 18 – 23 H.

Klosterwall 4
20095 Hamburg

Gallery open today till 10 PM! View complete PDF of the exhibition here.


TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 50
by DJ bwin

For all those who weren’t able to listen to yesterday’s premiere: TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 50 (!) by DJ bwin is now available as stream and download via Soundcloud above.

DJ bwin is Moritz Paul aka Leibniz and Alex Hoppe, both born 1990. That’s why this outstanding mixtape only features track from this time period.

After their legendary Anti-G20 killer set at Rote Flora I was in my bed with DJ bwin and will deliever you with more spicy details on and very intimate pictures of DJ bwin. Tracklist is following too. All this week in the Entertainment section of tissuemagazine.com, promised!

Uwe (editor-in-chief)