The Fiasco of West Germany —
a Kaffeefahrt to Bitburg

The „homeland“ is hip again! Set the table with Rosenthal tableware, place yourself in the cantilever chair an take a good gulp of the splendid Dallmayr Prodomo coffee, because: 30 years after the fall of Berlin’s wall the cultural industry invites for a festival week to celebrate the peaceful revolution — and commands partying, remembering, debating and participation. While the capital is turned into a jolly open-air exhibition and event space, the Galerie Anton Janizewski announces a different kind of spectacle: the funeral of the Bonn republic.


TISSUE Magazine No. 666FFF
Flip-Through (ASMR) by Moritz Haas

Relax and sit back. Moritz Haas flips through TISSUE N°666FFF triggering your ASMR.

We are proud to announce the launch of our 6th issue. After five years of a print sabbatical we are back – more than ever. Printed in an edition of only 666 copies worldwide, it will be released in November in Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam and Kiev as well as distributed worldwide.

Featuring contributons by the likes of Kristina Nagel, Jonathan Meese, Michèle Lamy, Wolfgang Tillmans, Adrian Crispin & Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer, Tim Bruening, Lia Ottsu, Heather Glazzard, Nika Arkhiv, Johanna Jaskowska & Rayan Nohra, Jardin et Wutangu, Lisa Boostani, Kevin Braddock and Martin Eder as well as interviews/portrays with/of Christoph Schlingensief, Cecilia Bengolea, Umfang, Linn Da Quebrada, Love Curly and Claire Milbrath of Editorial Magazine plus quintessential topics like depression, cryptomining, sauna trance, free radicals and asexuality.

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This joint-venture is a non-profit adventure. Everything flows back into the project.

TISSUE Magazine and is a special service for you.

W. Berry wants you to come to Bar Koara

Be wild as this Berry Wild (by Wassili Franko)

TISSUE Magazine №666FFF 

11月5日 Open 18:00 Close 22:00
Address: 東京都渋谷区神南1-13-15
エントランスフリー(1st drink ¥1,000)

Music played by Mari Sakurai + 6nori9
Featuring live painting + party snaps by GIRL HOUYHNHNM x Johanna Jaskowska


Presented by Neu_Banal


N°666FFF Pre-Release Party

5 November 2019
at Koara Shibuya, Tokyo
B1F Koritsu Build, 1-13-15 Jinnan,Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0041


Music played by Mari Sakurai + 6nori9
Featuring live painting + party snaps by GIRL HOUYHNHNM x Johanna Jaskowska



Helga Goetze — Ficken ist Frieden

Before she became the greatest sexual revolutionary of the twentieth century, Helga Sophia Goetze’s life hardly differed from that of her post-war peers. For 33 years she lived the life of a bustling housewife and mother of seven children in a happy marriage to a wonderful man. It was during a trip to Italy that she experienced her first orgasm and fell – as she described it – into another state. She started to live her sexuality without compromise and eventually left her husband and family to join the free love movement.

Delmes & Zander, Cologne dedicate their latest exhibition to the tireless activist and unwavering provocateur.


Mixtape 70 by Best Boy Electric

Early education is key. Ask Best Boy Electric. It wasn’t only the music taste of her mother that inspired the DJ with an early infusion of punk and the Drexciyan sound (a combo that, by the way, seems to make a lot of sense). Also her uncle, who is a DJ and collector as well, sent his niece Electro gems on a regular basis when she was a youngster.

Educate yourself properly by reading the straight-up talk we had with Best Boy Electric here.

Interview: Nadja Preyer
Cover Art: Johanna Jaskowska & Rayan Nohra
Portrait: Sophie Allerding