TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 43
by Wosto


A new year means a new mixtape. And this year starts just excellent with a strong all-around electronic mix by Wosto, one half of mysterious duo Fallbeil along his friend Kluentah. They released on labels like New York Haunted, Contort Yourself, Terminal Operations, Hafenschlamm Records and Return to Disorder over the last three years.

More information and download: http://tissuemagazine.com/?p=7224



TISSUE Magazine Mixtape 43 (!) by WOSTO of Fallbeil fame will premiere tomorrow, Jan 8 at 8 PM (UCT+1) on Berlin Community Radio

Photo by Pelle Buys

Chen Yi — Pure Faith Agency


Chen Yi is a Chinese artist involving fashion, photography and noise. This project does not only contain one of your favourite logo t-shirts of all time, it also explores imagery, time and their irrational reconnection.

More pictures and information here:

Happy New Year


Happy new year to everybody! May 2017 be a little less miserable for all of us. Team TISSUE will keep trying to contribute to that.

Special thanks to visual artist Love Curly from Kiev for another artwork.


Mico Toledo — Faces of Standing Rock


In October this year, Mico Toledo spent ten days in Oceti Sakowin camp capturing portraits and stories of the so-called water protectors. Here are some of his favourite characters, stories and photographs he has taken during those ten days. Some which he created a real relationship with. Enjoy Milo’s stories from Standing Rock.